Mathematical Monday {Multiples, Factors, Prime & Composite}

Last week we focused on 4.OA.4: Multiplies, Factors, Prime & Composite numbers.  I was impressed with how well my kids did with prime and composite numbers!  We are still working on knowing the difference between a factor and a multiple, they are mixing up these vocabulary words. :)

Early in the week we used Study Jams to help with identifying multiples of a given number.  You can see it HERE.  I try to use some sort of video in all of my lessons if possible, this year's group of kids are  extremely visual and it helps with my group of video game loving boys. :) 

 Next, students used a Hundreds Board to identify multiples of a given number.  Students circled the multiples using their dry erase markers.  When we moved onto finding the LCM students circled the multiples of the first number and placed and X on the multiples of the second number.  They then listed the Common Multiples on their whiteboards or in their notebooks, to help identify the LCM.

Wednesday my students completed a great hands on activity reviewing factors, multiples, and I tied in prime and composite review as well.  You can grab this free activity HERE.  The activity calls for 20 "lockers" and students "open and close" the lockers.  We do not have lockers so I hung 20 post-it notes in the hall way and placed blue sticky-tac above them.  Students flipped up the post-it note and stuck it to the sticky-tac to "open" the locker.  This was a great activity because it required students to think about number relationships and to get up and move during the lesson.

Thursday we reviewed Prime & Composite numbers with Collaboration Cuties  FREE Christmas Prime and Composite Game.  I was so excited to find this game Wednesday night!  I wanted to review with my kids, but wasn't feeling creative enough to come up with something on my own.  {Grateful for my BBB's!}  I enjoyed seeing how much my kids remembered about prime and composite, some new if the number was prime or composite as soon as they landed on the number!  They also really enjoyed playing a game rather than a worksheet or problems from the board. :)

I LOVED all of the lessons and activities for this week!  I felt like I was able to reach all different types of learners with the varied resources and activities.

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  1. I love the idea of using the hundreds board for LCM! My kids had a difficult time with this. I think I'll go back and try this! Thanks for the great ideas!

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