Mentor Text & a FREEBIE {Giant Children...Poetry}

The past two weeks we have worked on RL.2, identifying the theme in a piece of literature.  The first week we focused on finding the theme of a poem.  I pulled down my copy of Giant Children by Brod Bagert and read aloud some silly poems to my kiddos.  They LOVED them!  

Thanks to my sister I have a signed copy of Gian Children!  She went to a PD several years ago and brought this autographed book back for my class and I....isn't she awesome!

 One of the poems I read for my kids was "Heart Stopper", they immediately picked up on the theme of this poem and were able to support their ideas with evidence from the text.

He is another cute poem you could use for theme.

A FREEBIE for you!  You can use this for poetry or literature...enjoy!  Tomorrow I will share how I taught theme last week using Wonder and other great resources! 


  1. I love this book! The poems are super fun! We are about to start working on theme. Thank you for some suggestions of poems to use. It looks like I will be pulling this book out soon.

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  2. These poems look like so much fun and what a great way for students to enjoy identifying theme!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

  3. I definitely need to pick up this book to add to my poetry collection! Thanks for sharing :) I wish I could read Wonder to my kiddos, but their 3rd grade teacher read it!


  4. I LOVE this book. It quickly becomes my students' favorite when I introduce it. I tend to wait till later in the year to introduce poetry books, but I really need to pull them out now.
    Thanks for the reminder of this great book!
    That First Grade Blog

  5. What a great book. Thank you for sharing it and for the freebie. I am really looking forward to using them later this month when we talk about theme.

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