Five For Friday

1. Car Accident.
Yesterday, as I was leaving school I was involved in a car accident.  Fortunately, no one was hurt and no one received a ticket (they couldn't determine who was at fault, even though my vehicle was hit in the back and was spun 180 degrees, but whatever).  I am blessed it happened right in front of my school because several of my friends/coworkers came to my son's and my rescue.  I love my school family! I ended up taking today off to deal with insurance companies and have done a lot of praying that the truck is not totaled.  I was in my hubby's truck and it is only a few payments away from being paid off.  We are still waiting for the appraisal.

2. I didn't get a chance to link up with my BBB Jivey this week, but wanted to share our Word Work assignment from the week.  Students completed a word sort using their spelling Reading Foundational Words, we no longer call them spelling words.

3. I posted about our class data board and weekly goals a few weeks ago and wanted to share an updated picture.  There is a printable I found on Pinterest, our class Mission Statement where all students have signed it, and our goals & data. Each Monday I share with the students if they met their goals and we then set new ones.  It has been a great motivator!

4. Congrats to my BBB Diane!  She is having a giveaway to celebrate 1,000 TpT followers!  How awesome is that!?!

5. Today is the last day to enter my Pin It to Win It!

Bonus:  Tomorrow my oldest turns 7!  My Xavier has a huge heart, loves Jesus, and is my biggest helper.  I love this boy!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son!
    I'm so sorry to hear that you were in an accident. Praying everything works out perfectly with the insurance! Glad you guys are okay.

  2. So sorry to hear about your accident! That's especially stressful when it's almost paid off. Prayers that it's not totaled.

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  4. How scary to end your day with a car accident. Thankfully no one was hurt! Apparently there was a HUGE accident that happened right outside my subdivision just as I left. It missed me by minutes. Scary thought! Glad you're okay. What was the final appraisal?

  5. Sorry to hear about the car accident, but glad you guys are ok.



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