Positve Products: Linky Party 3.28.13

I have used several products from TpT and thought it would be great to showcase how I use the product in my class.  I like finding innovative ways to use the products and thought this would be a great way to share them.  This also came to me from a comment I received on one of my products.  The buyer mentioned using it for Open House and I thought it was genius and something I never even considered!

Last week I participated in Ideas by Jivey's Workshop Wednesday linky party on graphic organizers.  For participating she sent me her graphic organizer pack, and it was perfect timing!  This was a short week for us because we are FINALLY ON SPRING BREAK!!  Instead of starting something new I decided to start reviewing how to "attack" those killer reading passages on our EOGs.  I selected sample passages and had students read them silently, in pairs, whole group, or in small group.  Students then used Jessica's graphic organizers to help with comprehension before answering the questions.

Identifying the details in the text to support the main idea.

Students used Jessica's Big Idea sheet to for the first section on their passage.

Here a student is identifying character traits, RL.3 by using evidence from the text.

I loved the half sheets!  One it saved on copies and two it didn't overwhelm my students.  They are always asking how many sentences does it have to be, how many ideas do we have to have, etc.  With the half sheets they already knew they weren't required to write a lot.  These graphic organizers were very helpful for my students!  You can find them HERE in her TpT store :)

What is a product you have used in your class that you loved?  Link up and share your ideas!

1. Link Up and post the image below, be sure to link back to iheartrecess.
2. Review ANY product that is NOT your OWN.  Can be a free item, something someone has asked you to review, something you have purchased.
3. Review MUST be positive, tell how you used it, how your students used it, etc.
4. Provide link to the product and/or creator.

For participating I will send you my Biography in a Bag product.

{This is the product that inspired "Positive Products"}

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  1. Such a great idea! Thanks for thinking of this. I hope you don't mind that I used a blog post from earlier this month of a product I used. I linked it back to this post.
    Thanks again!


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