I'm Bored, Engage Me!

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Today I sat in a Science PD that BORED. ME.TO.DEATH!  Our PD was on Hands-On-Activities in Science, sounds like a great topic but the ideas were not new or original.  My Co-Teacher plans Science for our grade level and already had two of the activities in the next couple of lesson plans.  I have found more interesting, fun, and creative ideas on fellow blogs, Pinterest, and Youtube.  I was hoping to have learned something new and exciting.

My teammates and I were horrible students, shame on us, due to being bored. We were planning other subjects, finding ideas on Pinterest, I even started the draft for this post.  It's a reminder though that sometimes our students disruptive behavior may be a result of boredom.  Remembering to keep them interested and engaged in all subjects is key to their success.

Since my PD was lacking in creativity I am hosting my first linky party!  Link up and share your favorite hands-on-activity for any subject or topic.  I can't wait to see all your great ideas!

1. Link up to any post (new or old) focus on hands-on-learning.
2. Follow Farley's Rule of 3 :)
3. Have fun!


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