Who is the new blog on the block?

I am excited to join the educational world of blogging!  I have a personal family blog (that I haven't been up to date with lately) that I love using to keep family and friends up on our family's happenings.  I look forward to keeping you up on lessons and activities I use in my classroom through I {heart} Recess.

I am in my eighth year of teaching, and currently teaching an Exceptional Children's 4th grade cluster class in North Carolina.  I love teaching, even on those challenging days, and creating creative lessons and activities to use in my classroom.  This is our first year using Common Core Standards, I should say navigating our way through CCS.

The "I {heart} Recess" title is inspired by my 4th grade team from last year.  I worked with a great team of ladies and we had some great conversations during recess, it was one of our favorite parts of the day!  During recess we discovered a lot about each other personally and professionally (we did keep an eye on our classes as well :) ).  We discussed students, plans, shared ideas, and educated each other on pregnancy, I was pregnant with my third son last year. Have you ever worked with a great group of teachers and hated seeing them leave or move grade levels at the end of the year?  

In honor of our recess conversations I am starting this blog to share ideas and lessons with you and hopefully get some ideas and tips from you as well.  I may also share tips and advice, as well as need some, on being a working mother of three boys :)

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