Reading Feast

This year is our first year implementing Common Core Standards, our principal told us this is our Renaissance year.  In the past our district was very strict on how we should teach objectives, and now with CCS they are trusting us once again. I decided to look back at some of the creative stuff I did while student teaching and my first years of teaching, you know those years you had time to create everything before kids, and found my Reading Feast.

I first did this project when I was student teaching first grade and hand drew each piece and cut out each piece, yep very excited student teacher and didn't know the importance of parent volunteers back then.  I have recreated Reading Feast and added it to my TPT store here.

 My son's Reading Feast.

My Reading Feast.

My oldest son is in Kindergarten and begged, he LOVES school, to make his own plate of food when I was recreating the project.  We read one of his Power Ranger books and he drew pictures of the characters, setting, favorite part, problem (fight scene), and the solution.  Next, he cut out his food pieces and glued them to a paper plate. I then had to make my own, I can't wait to have my fourth graders make this project this week.  I plan to put them on our hallway bulletin board.

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